Around the Grounds

Around the Grounds

MAG's Centennial Sculpture Park, in conjunction with the city of Rochester's award-winning Art Walk Extension Project brings great art, poetry and community stories to the grounds of the Gallery.

ArtStop Bus Shelter

Installed in 2007 during the first phase of Art Walk, the RTS shelter on the MAG grounds was designed by Ed Stringham. It’s one of three by different artists along University Avenue.

Centennial Sculpture Park video

  • Centennial Sculpture Park

Community Voices in the Sculpture Park

  • Hannah (SOTA student)

  • Yajaira (SOTA student)

NOTA Cache Boxes

Part educational activity and part scavenger hunt, waterproof “cache boxes” are scattered throughout the Neighborhood of the Arts. Each box (including four on the MAG grounds) contains information on the site and a log you can sign. Use your smart phone to find them using GPS coordinates. Learn how at